Saturday, August 22, 2009

Swirl Hat

After so many months without posting anything, I am back to my blog.
My twins were born last year and they were kept in the hospital for 9 weeks after birth, so I saw myself going back and forth to UCLA every day. Pretty draining 9 weeks, I have to say.

Went back to work after 4 months of giving birth and kept pumping breast milk for a long time thereafter. Luckily, I have been able to feed them on my breast milk for almost 15 months, and my remaining supply of frozen milk can feed them until almost 16 months. This brings me an amazing feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment!

I am now done with pumping, but the challenges of balancing my work and motherhood are not small, leaving me little or no free time for myself. The twins are now teething and not sleeping well at night (again), so I sometimes sacrifice a little sleep time or my lunch hour at work to tat a little bit. I call it “mental yoga”, as I read and heard before. ~Trust me: it works keeping me sane.

Even though I have been crocheting for 28 years, unfortunately, my crochet projects are much smaller and scarce these days. This is why I will start uploading the myriad of crochet work that has been done yet never showed to anyone to keep my blog active (to the best of my ability).

This Swirl Hat was done with double yarn and has a removable broche that is a red carnation. I use it all the time and it is one of the many hats I crocheted to myself and others. ~ I love hats ;-)


Tere said...

Oi Carla!

Adorei a visita, volte sempre.
Tenha uma maravilhosa semana.

Tere said...

Oi Carla!!!

Imagino a sua satisfação com os gemeos mas nem consigo imaginar o trabalhão que deve dar em cuidá-los, mas Mãe sempre dá um jeitinho.Muito obrigado em continuar votando no Bendy, relamente ele é muito fofo e amoroso.Tenha uma bela semana junto com sua família.Bjs...

Alexandre Fernandes said...

Filho de mãe tricoteira, sempre admirei a arte de quem sabe usar esse dom. Beijos.