Saturday, May 17, 2008

4-Ace Purse

When my husband and I were invited to a "Poker Party" at his aunt's house, I wanted to crochet something interesting to use there. Everyone who knows me a little bit is aware of my repulse to poker and other types of games, so this purse was actually a joke. I showed up at the party telling everyone that I was bringing the lucky hand ON my purse instead than IN my sleeve. That was an instant sensation!

It was designed by me and crocheted in hemp. The bottom in reinforced with the bottom of a gallon of water (love to use them in my projects), so that gave the purse a square look and made easier to keep my belongings organized in there. The 4 aces were hole-punched and crocheted onto the finished purse, and same to the acrylic handles. The zipper is the same color as the hemp fiber.

BTW, the party was not fun at all, the food was scarce and weird as it usually is at their place, but it gave me a reason to make this purse. Oh, well...